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Marcato Atlas 150 Classic Pasta Machine

Marcato Atlas 150 Classic Pasta Machine


The Atlas 150 is the most popular machine for making 3 types of fresh homemade pasta.


The easy-to-grip crank makes it easier to knead, and the adjustment knob with 10 precise positions ensures immediate pasta thickness selection.


Atlas 150 is stable, and sturdy thanks to its easy-to-fix clamp and rubber screwed feet, thus reducing work time and ensuring excellent results right from the start.


A cloth can easily clean the surfaces of Atlas 150, and maintenance is simplified by the presence of removable polymeric resin combs. Unfortunately, Atlas 150 is not dishwasher safe!


The anodised aluminium rollers feature an imperceptibly rough surface. As a result, the pasta comes out porous and binds more easily with the condiments used.


  • Wipe the exterior of the pasta maker with a cloth
  • The combs under the cutting rollers are removable; use a dry cloth and brush to clean
  • Never wash any part of this product under running water or in the dishwasher
  • If the rollers produce a squeaking sound, insert a few drops of oil suitable for food contact at the ends of the rollers
  • You will find detailed instructions with images in the enclosed prodct manual