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Miyabi 20 cm Gyutoh Knife

Miyabi 20 cm Gyutoh Knife


Authentic, Japanese, ultra sharp

  • Universal chef's knife with Damask pattern
  • Japanese 20 cm blade profile
  • Birch wooden handle
  • Special hardening process for extreme sharpness and cutting edge retention


The 20 cm chef's knife with an authentic Japanese Honbazuke blade profile is part of the premium 5000MCD series. In Japan, a Gyutoh knife is typically only used for meat. However, the Gyutoh knife is equally suited to cutting vegetables into the very finest strips – effortlessly and safely. Each knife is unique due to the unique Damask pattern on the blade. The blade itself is incredibly hard, due to a special process. Following Japanese tradition, the handle is made of birch wood and is shaped to sit well balanced in the hand. The attractive chef's knife not only impresses with its sharpness, but also with its cutting edge retention.

  • Blade core made from MicroCarbide powder steel MC63, embedded in 100 layers of steel Hardness approx. 63 Rockwell
  • CRYODUR® ice-hardened blades provide particularly good cutting edge retention, corrosion resistance and optimum blade flexibility.
  • Authentic Japanese blade profile
  • The symmetrical blade with ultra-sharp Honbazuke edge ensures incredible sharpness.
  • Traditional "D" handle made from Masur birch for perfect balance, optimum control and tireless cutting.
  • Traditional Japanese Karelian (Masur) Birch handle
  • Blade core made of MicroCarbide MC63 powder steel embedded in 100 layers of steel, Made in Seki, Japan
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