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Oak Wood Table with Iron Base

Oak Wood Table with Iron Base


This one-off beautiful table is made from a 400-year-old tree from which we were given the opportunity to construct a beautiful and unique table whilst also giving the utmost respect to what nature had created.

While working on we never stopped thinking of the table as if it was a tree in its entirety. For example, the iron legs are an interpretation of the original tree’s roots that have grown deep underground giving it strength and stability. Just as the roots of the tree are hidden underground we used iron legs that blend in with the architecture and environment that hosts it. Hidden, almost, from sight and yet giving strength and stability to the table.
This table is essentially a centre piece where friends and family gather and spend so many special moments of their lives. This is a one-off piece that was specially created for us , Lead time is approx 3 to 5 weeks. 



• Oakwood
• Natural wood finish
• Single slab
• Tree table
• Live Edge
• Handmade Iron Legs
• Made to order

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