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Handmade wood Dining Table

Handmade wood Dining Table

£6,295.00 Regular Price
£5,665.50Sale Price

This beautiful high-quality Dining Table is solid, elegant and a pleasure to eat at, to look at and touch.

The bevelled edges of the solid top sweep from bottom to top as they run the length of the table's bowed sides and the members of the base intersect in surprising ways as angled and curved parts encounter each other.

The hand-rubbed oil finish is both silky and durable; the Zoita wood Dining table works in a formal setting and as an everyday family base. Maybe a bottle of wine and appetizers set in the centre, maybe a prone sippy cup and a handful of mashed potatoes smeared across the edge - one way or another it'll feels like home.

The  Dining Table's wedged tusk tenon joinery is beautiful and easy to assemble. This fascinating joint is one of the oldest known woodworking techniques. It’s a classic to both eastern and western schools of construction; examples have been found sealed for thousands of years in Egyptian tombs as well as other ancient structures from around the world. Thanks to these joints, the table is rock-solid, yet easily moved, shipped, and manoeuvred through hallways and doors.

Each Table is hand-made from Zoita wood, a honey-coloured dense semi-tropical hardwood. 


Dimensions: 182 cm (length), 86 cm (width), 76 cm (high)

Current lead time is 8 weeks

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