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De Buyer Carbone PLUS Steel Pan

De Buyer Carbone PLUS Steel Pan


De Buyer is made from 100% natural mineral material and features an organic beeswax based protective finish. Black iron is an extremely tough and hardwearing material that distributes heat evenly across the pan to ensure all food is cooked in unison, giving you professional cooking results. The pan will need to be cleaned of beeswax and then season with oil before use. This process gives the pan a non-stick finish and helps to lock flavours into food.

Product features

  • Colour Grey
  • Induction Compatible Yes
  • High temperature cooking is perfect for sealing, browning and grilling.
  • The pan must be seasoned before use. The more the pan is used, the better the performance.
  • Suitable for all heat sources including induction.
  • Not dishwasher safe