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Hammered Copper Water Jug - 1.75 L

Hammered Copper Water Jug - 1.75 L


Made in the heart of India by extremely skilled craftsmen. The effort and beauty is truly reflected back in the build and quality of this precious copper gift. Eihter use as a copper kitchen accessory, anniversary gift or simply house as a beautiful ornament. This beautifully crafted copper pitcher with lid will improve the taste of water immediately. Storing water in copper vessels has long been known for it's ability to kill bacteria and provide germ protection.


Cleaning and care:


Before using this copper water jug, do not forget to thoroughly rinse it first with a natural alkaline solution such as lemon and water. FIll the vessel with water for over 6 hours prior to initial consumption. Best practice is to fill it with water at night, and let it rest over night.

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