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Handmade Table, Moroccan Mosaic

Handmade Table, Moroccan Mosaic


These Great Moroccan Mosaic tiles table tops are made of a multitude of ceramic reclaimed tiles laid to create a complex colorful pattern with traditional Moorish Andalusia geometric design in diffrent colors. A unique and vibrant piece of furniture that can add a touch of exotic charm to any living space.

The table top features a mosaic design made up of small square tiles in various shades, creating a warm and inviting look.
The mosaic pattern on the table consists of a variety of colors, including vibrant blues, greens, grey, orange, and off white and other custom made colors, arranged in an eye-catching geometric pattern. Due to the natural handmade nature of the mosaic tiles, the colors may have some slight shade variations, adding to the table's unique charm and character.

Designing your room or garden with a unique Zellige table will leave a space warm and glowing. Wether you go for square tiles to make a classic look with natural variations standing out as a feather, or opt for a horringbone tiles design to mix things up, there's a lot of different options available.


50cm x 75cm (high) 

More sizes available upto 170cm wide...please enquire for bespoke sizes:


Lead time is 3 to 4 weeks


Please check in store for delivery costs

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