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De Buyer INOCUIVRE Copper Roasting Pan

De Buyer INOCUIVRE Copper Roasting Pan


de Buyer - Roasting Pan 35 x 25 cm - Inocuivre - Multilayer (copper/aluminium/St-steel) rectangular roasting tray, perfect for oven cooking meat, roasts, fish, potatoes, vegetables...
Flared edges and rounded corners for easy cleaning.
Equipped with 2 riveted cast stainless steel handles: robust.
Laser marking. This model is also perfect for presentation at the table. The stainless steel interior is easy to clean.


Copper is an extraordinary conductor of heat, particularly suitable for French cooking and reducing. This material ensures quick and homogeneous cooking in the whole pan: not only in the bottom but also on the side to obtain a perfect heat distribution which makes copper pans ideal for delicate preparations, such as sauces.

  • care

    To clean copper, use a special easy-to-use-paste, preferable after each use. For the inner stainless steel or tin-plated surfaces, wash in the ordinary way. Cleaning in the dishwasher is not recommended because dishwasher liquids contain high levels of chlorine.

    beware, do not heat over 260°C

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