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Multi-Ply Tapered Wood Table

Multi-Ply Tapered Wood Table

£2,150.00 Regular Price
£1,800.00Sale Price


The ply table is made up of multiple layers of birch dowelled together, and polished by hand to an exceptionally smooth finish with interesting variations.

Because of this construction, the depth of this product cannot be adjusted. The standard is approximately 81cm.

Please note that this table's assembly is permanent and that it does not flat pack or disassemble. Therefore we ask that customers check access when ordering.


Only one piece remaining


*Sorry currently no new stock available, please contact the store or email for more information*. Please get in touch with the store if you have any questions, and sales are online only.

  • Dimensions

    Width: 140 cm
    Depth: 80 cm
    Height: 75 cm

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