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Rustic Stoneware Hand Moulded Oval Dish

Rustic Stoneware Hand Moulded Oval Dish


A stunning hand-moulded stoneware oval dish in a natural snow white glaze, perfect for a main course or simply for serving sides.

It's oven-to-table functionality makes it not only beautiful but versatile and practical, performing a wide number of culinary tasks. With an organic, unique shape for each dish, this will surely stand out on any dinner table.

Each stoneware dish is hand moulded, bisque-fired, then glazed and re-fired at over 1200 degrees. The mineral rich clays used give each item a unique finish.

  • Size

    22 cm x 18 cm x H4.5 cm

  • Care

    Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Not suitable for hob or freezer use.

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