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Outdoor/indoor Rattan chair (Handmade)

Outdoor/indoor Rattan chair (Handmade)


Rattan Chair is a great idea for a natural arrangement on the terrace, garden or living-room. The chair creates a modern climate and harmony with the interior. The rattan chair is an offer for lovers of eco style materials , rattan is 100% natural. 


Rattan contributes to the preservation of forest.
Rattan only grows among other trees in various forests across Africa, Asia, and Australia, which means it helps sustain forests around the world. While deforestation has declined significantly in the last few decades, we still lose about 13 million hectares of forest each year. Rattan also grows in floodplains that remain untapped, which helps to encourage the animal population and support much more.


Dimensions:W88x D78x H78

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