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De Buyer PRIMA MATERA Copper Saute Pan with Lid

De Buyer PRIMA MATERA Copper Saute Pan with Lid


The straight-sided sauté pan with a low edge stops condensation and promotes evaporation; used without the lid, and it will cook your food quickly. In addition, its shape lets you handle and flip food without having it fall out. 

The straight-sided sauté pan features two cast stainless steel side handles firmly fastened with rivets. It takes up less room than a slope-sided sauté pan with a long handle on the hob and when being stored. Copper is a great heat conductor, providing even and controlled heat suitable for slow cooking. The polished copper provides elegance in the Kitchen, set out on a buffet and the Table.

  • care

    To clean copper, use a special easy-to-use-paste, preferable after each use. For the inner stainless steel or tin-plated surfaces, wash in the ordinary way. Cleaning in the dishwasher is not recommended because dishwasher liquids contain high levels of chlorine. Never use a metal sponge.

    beware, do not heat over 260°C