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Handmade wood bench

Handmade wood bench


The Zoita wood Bench is solid, beautiful, and equally at home paired with the  Dining Table or as a stand-alone piece in an entranceway, living room, bedroom, coffee table or kid's play area etc.

The bench's bevels bend from bottom to top as they make their way across the bowed sides. You'll find yourself running your palms over the silky surfaces of this hand-rubbed piece - it's got just the right bends and curves and the leather straps securing the tenon's wedges look and feel great. The Bench's wedged tusk tenon joinery is beautiful and easy to assemble. This fascinating joint is one of the oldest known woodworking techniques. It’s a classic to both eastern and western schools of construction; examples have been found sealed for thousands of years in Egyptian tombs as well as other ancient structures from around the world. Thanks to these joints, the table is rock-solid, yet easily moved, shipped, and manoeuvred through hallways and doors


Dimensions : 140 cm (length), 45 cm (high), 39 wide

The current lead time is 8 weeks


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