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Rösle Salad Spinner with Glass Lid

Rösle Salad Spinner with Glass Lid

£124.95 Regular Price
£105.00Sale Price

The salad spinner consists of the genuine RÖSLE bowl with a lid made of glass, a basket insert and a turntable. The crank mechanism guarantees that the spinning will produce the desired results every time. An easy-to-use design allows the bowl can be conveniently held with one hand. The stainless steel bowl can also be used on its own as a mixing bowl or for serving salads. Clean the lid under running water; the bowl is dishwasher safe.


About Rösle


The Rolls Royce of BBQs and culinary tools is Rosle. The German firm, run by a fifth-generation family, is known for its elegant designs and long-lasting, dependable goods. Each Rosle BBQ is meticulously crafted and built to last. Meanwhile, the quality of their equipment and utensils will be apparent as soon as you take them up — these are the instruments that elevate regular culinary duties.

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