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Rösle Hook Skimmer 12cm

Rösle Hook Skimmer 12cm


Rosle’s skimmer lets you skim, drain and lift food out of pans with ease. Made from stainless steel, this skimmer has an extra wide and flat base, perfect for scooping out even the smallest ingredients from the base of the pan. We love using this kitchen utensil when deep-frying anything from doughnuts to tempura vegetables to arancini. Plus, a long handle also helps keep you safe from hot oil. Dishwasher safe.


About Rösle


The Rolls Royce of BBQs and culinary tools is Rosle. The German firm, which is run by a fifth-generation family, is known for its elegant designs and long-lasting, dependable goods. Each Rosle BBQ is meticulously crafted and built to last. Meanwhile, the quality of their equipment and utensils will be apparent as soon as you take them up — these are the instruments that elevate regular culinary duties.

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