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Samuel Groves 8" Mermaid Silver Anodised Saverin Mould

Samuel Groves 8" Mermaid Silver Anodised Saverin Mould


Designed to provide you with superior bakes every time. The range utilises an aluminium makeup due to its superb heat conductivity and ability to guarantee consistent bakes in a reduced time.

The smooth satin finish on the range is achieved during the process of anodising, which seals and hardens the outer layer of the aluminium, giving it an easy-release, easy-clean surface that will not leach peel or rust. In addition, the surface will improve with use by developing a natural patina, making the range virtually non-stick.

Our Silver Anodised products do not feature chemicals such as PTFE or PFOA in their coatings, meaning they're always safe to use. The entire range is pre-seasoned to arrive at your door, ready-to-use, in our 100% sustainable packaging. Handwash only. NOT suitable for induction hobs. Oven safe.

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