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SCANPAN HaptIQ Frying Pan 20cm

SCANPAN HaptIQ Frying Pan 20cm


HaptIQ is a go-to for those who are seeking the sublime in their kitchen. An all-around frying pan with exclusive Stratanium+ coating that is resistant to stains, oils and fats, tested by professional chefs. Sleek, polished and unique, bringing class and energy into your kitchen.  

This frying pan is built with 5 steel layers making it ovenproof up to 260°C, durable, and contributes to the optimal heat distribution. 



  • The HaptIQ frying pan is ovenproof up to 260C 
  • Frying pan with exclusive Stratanium+ non-stick coating 
  • Unsurpassed strength and durability 
  • Remarkably easy to clean 
  • Fat-free frying 
  • Made in Denmark 
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