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Tamago Egg Pan 22 cm x 23 cm

Tamago Egg Pan 22 cm x 23 cm


This non-stick tamagoyaki egg roll pan lets you cook the perfect Tamago. A Japanese omelette, Tamago (also known as tamagoyaki) comprises several layers of fried egg, which are rolled as you cook, and then carefully sliced.

This iron pan comes in two sizes: 19 x 13cm or 22 x 23cm. Plus, its non-stick function means you can slide the eggs out with ease.

Use these Japanese cooking chopsticks to neatly roll up the layers of egg.

Please note that this pan is not recommended for use on an induction hob. However, if necessary, it can be used on medium heat (full heat will result in the pan base bending).

Please note that although this item is dishwasher safe, it is recommended to clean it by hand.

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