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Wood  Chopping Board 12" x 18"

Wood Chopping Board 12" x 18"

  • The board is made from natural materials - 100% Solid Natural   Antibacterial wood:  walnut, cherry, ash tree, and red oak. By using this board, you can be sure of its natural, environmental and safety. A great alternative to plastic boards -- doesn't destroy your knife's edges and won't harbour bacteria. Please note: each tree has its unique structure. 


  • 100% quality. The board is made of super-strong long-lasting wood of the highest grade. The board's surface is perfectly coated and treated with special natural oil, which protects the tree from excessive moisture and drying out. 


  • Beautiful & durable. In this board, the master combined various kinds of wood, forming a fantastic combination of colours. Extremely good and extremely strong and durable. Excellent for chefs, professionals & cooking lovers. This cutting board has two flat surfaces for chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing and more. 


  • Best for chopping & serving. This board will be your assistant not only in cooking but also in their serving. Cheese Board, serving Board, Cutting Board - This board will perfectly cope with any of your tasks in any performance. 
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