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Zafferano Asterisco Deep Plate - Set of 6

Zafferano Asterisco Deep Plate - Set of 6

£110.00 Regular Price
£90.00Sale Price

The Asterisco Deep Plate can also be bought individually for £20 each (See: Zafferano Asterico Deep Plate)


Asterisco is a collection of Made in Italy stoneware tableware. It consists of 3 bowls (small, medium and large) and three plates (dinner plate, deep plate and dessert plate) featuring light and delicate patterns. The plates are regular in shape, whereas the decorative design - strictly handcrafted and different for each item - is in soothing colours that exude joy and energy. Asterisco matches well with all the coloured glass tumbler collections by Zafferano, especially those with a light-coloured decorative pattern.

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